Price List


Huntersville Canoe Outfitters

23269 380th Street

Menahga, MN 56464



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Current rates are based on calendar days.  (We do not rent for partial days)  Discounts are available on trips longer than two days.


Aluminum Canoes

*Rates based on 2 people per canoe, two or more days


Aluminum Canoes

*Rates based on one day only, weekday rate


Additional Passengers

*Exceptions made for small children - no extra charge


Canoe Prices for Single Days on Weekends & Holidays

*Includes 2 life preservers



Single Person $25.00
Tandem $30.00
Life Preservers $1.00
Seat Cushions $1.00
Rain Poncho $2.00
Mattress Pads $2.00
Tarp $1.50
Sleeping Bags with Liner (minimum of 2 days) $2.00
Cook Kit with Eating Gear (minimum of 2 days) $4.00

Tube Rental


Tent Rental

(minimum of 2 days)

Tent - 2 or 3 man with rain fly $12.00
Tent - 4 or 5 main with rain fly $19.00
Tent - special sized (sleeps 12 to 15 people) including set-up $45.00


*For groups of 12 or more people for 2 or more days


per person

per day



for the weekend

Includes canoe, paddles, life preservers, tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating gear, rain ponchos, tarps, pack sacks, mattress pads and camp tools.


A transportation fee is charged for the delivery and pick-up of canoes and equipment. The fee is a flat fee based on how far and what campsite, or access, regardless of the amount of equipment delivered. We will transport dogs at a charge of $5.00 per dog.