We do request that a deposit of $10.00 per canoe be made with a short note confirming the dates and equipment desired (within a reasonable amount of time to confirm).  Please include the following data when you write for reservations:

  • Date of arrival
  • The days planned for canoeing
  • Number in party
  • Equipment desired

We will then send you an estimate based on this information.  Your deposit will be cheerfully refunded with 7 days prior notice of your change of plans.   ** We do not recommend over reserving **



Aluminum Canoes:
*Rates based on 2 people per canoe, two or more days

Aluminum Canoes:
*Rates based on one day only, weekday rate

Canoe Prices for Single Days on Weekends & Holidays:
*Includes 2 life preservers

Additional Passengers:
*Exceptions made for small children - no extra charge

Kayaks & Tubes

Single Person Kayaks:

Tandem Kayaks:

Tube Rental:

Additional Gear

Life Preservers: $1.00

Seat Cushions: $1.00

Rain Poncho: $2.00

Mattress Pads: $2.00

Tarp: $1.50

Sleeping Bags with Liner
(minimum of 2 days):

Cook Kit with Eating Gear
(minimum of 2 days):

Tent - 2 or 3 man with rain fly:
(minimum of 2 days)

Tent - 4 or 5 man with rain fly:
(minimum of 2 days)

Tent - special sized (sleeps 12 to 15 people) including set-up:
(minimum of 2 days)

Transportation Charges

A transportation fee is charged for the delivery and pick-up of canoes and equipment. The fee is a flat fee based on how far and what campsite, or access, regardless of the amount of equipment delivered. We will transport dogs at a charge of $5.00 per dog.